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Our 45 minute private dance lessons are set up to create a customized 1 on 1 experience for each and every dancer that walks through our door. Our studio welcomes people of all ages! As dancers, whether just starting out or seasoned, we all desire different things when learning. For that reason, we have curated a custom approach to teaching you everything you should know! Whether you want to learn Salsa or Waltz, we ensure you that you’re in the right place.



Our group classes are a great way to not only learn and meet other dancers but to find comfort in dancing with others in the room. With a less personalized approach, group classes are slightly faster paced and focus on the group as a whole compared to private lessons. We always recommend starting out with a private lesson before joining group classes. In no time, you’ll be moving with ease!



Your special day is special to us! We want to ensure that you feel 110% confident in your dancing. You're most likely thinking, "we have two left one can help us." Trust me, it's never that bad! We will have you looking presentable and confident. Whether you are looking for a simple choreography or you want your soon-to-be honey flying through the air in a lift like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, we have got you covered.


"I don't know how to dance", "I don't want to embarrass myself." Guess what? This is the lesson for you! We want you to mess up! That's the only way to progress and understand how to do it right. In your first ever intro lesson, we take you through basic steps of a few various dances to get you moving and understanding how easy it can be to dance! No second thoughts. Just you, your instructor, and the dance floor.

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After dipping your feet into what dancing is really like, we like to give you a few options on ways to continue. With a variety of different lesson packages to meet your needs, our goal is to provide you a cuztomizable plan on how to efficiently grow your dancing at the most comfortable pace possible. Each plan is catered to your individual goals!

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Starting up a hobby young is always a plus, especially when it's dance. Here at I Just Wanna Dance, we make sure that your child's experience of dancing is the best it can be. Alongside learning steps and rhythmicality, we make sure that our kiddos learn teamwork, discipline, perseverance and competitiveness. We offer everything from showcase performances to competitions for our kids!

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At I Just Wanna Dance, we teach all Ballroom styles, specializing in American Rhythm and Smooth, from the Cha Cha Cha to the Waltz. We also teach all social styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Hustle, and much more! It doesn't stop there. We are diverse in many choreography-based classes such as heels classes and performance classes. We also take pride in our expansive wedding program that we customized to the T to make sure our dancers have guaranteed satisfaction. Call us to find out more about the styles we offer!



Owner & Instructor

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Zorana began dancing at the age of 8 at a local dance studio in her neighborhood. She started off with jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and contemporary. At the age of 11, she branched out and became part of SOKO, a Serbian Folk Dancing group in Chicago where she spent 7 years learning various dances and styles from different regions in Serbia. With this diversity under her belt, she decided to embark on a more serious journey and train in ballroom dancing at a local studio. She shortly discovered that she wanted to share this passion with others and took on ballroom dance instruction as a full time career. Apart from being a certified dance instructor, Zorana is also a current professional American Rhythm competitor who is motivated in sharing her journey with her students and teaching all levels of dancers!



Linda Xu is an accomplished bank executive who wholeheartedly embraces diversity and inclusion. She embarked on her competitive dance journey six years ago, and ballroom dancing has become her sanctuary of boundless joy. Amid life's trials, especially during the Covid era, dancing became, and has remained her ultimate stress-reliever. Her vision is to share her passion for dancing, promote happiness, well-being, and foster a close-knit community through the rhythm and unity of dance.



Tyler Dean began his dance journey in high school, learning swing as a part of his theater career. Inspired by the show, he continued his dance education in college. He competed in ballroom DanceSport as an amateur for four years before becoming a professional. After becoming a professional, he began to train as a dance instructor continuing to pursue his passion and has taught dance full time for over 10 years. He has had training from world renowned coaches, including Tommye Giacchino and Martin Cawston, and has certifications from multiple schools of dance. He has taught hundreds of singles and couples across the Midwest, and can’t wait to meet you!



If you're somebody that LOVES competition and dancing against others at your level, these are for you! Whether you have a partner or you're dancing with one of our instructors, you'll have a great time! From local competitions to nationwide, we ensure our students have a blast.


Studio parties and open dancing are great ways to get better in smaller social settings. With plenty of floor time and partner rotation, these events are a great way to keep your skills polished and socialize with others in the dance community!


Looking to add some spice to your dancing? What better way than to try a performance? If you're not ready for a performance quite yet, come out and see others putting on a show! Break that fear, learn a new dance, and show others how far you've come. We love seeing our community grow!


Among many physical activities, dance is by far the most rewarding. It is a great workout and shows us how to be a more confident version of ourselves. It improves our expression, social skills, and spikes our dopamine levels. Dance is an all-around great workout as it targets resistance, mobility, speed, and more. It's everything you could want in a hobby.

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I Just Wanna Dance



Flash of Light


What better gift than learning something new, especially when it's something as fun as dancing? Whether it's your loved one's birthday, your anniversary, or just a date night, we guarantee you will have fun, and we're not just saying that because we love to dance!



At 'I Just Wanna Dance', our mission is to ignite joy, foster health, and cultivate love through inclusive dance experiences within a welcoming, home-like environment."

"Our vision at 'I Just Wanna Dance' is to create a world where dance is a universal language for joy, health, and love. We envision a community that values inclusivity, personal development, and collective growth, finding a second home in the rhythm and unity of dance."